Prayer shawl

Come and join our Prayer Shawl Ministry as we knit and crochet shawls and lap blankets. As we work, prayers and loving thoughts are incorporated into every stitch. Members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry pray over the completed shawls. The shawls are then dedicated on the altar of our church to affirm the prayers and love of entire congregation. 

Shawls and blankets and given to anyone in need of prayers.

They will bring comfort and peace to those who are ill, grieving, or going through a struggle. 

Blankets are also given to all babies who are baptized. 

We also offer "Prayer Squares" which can be kept as a reminder in a purse or a pocket. 

Come and join us for this rewarding ministry!

Prayer Shawl meetings:

Second Tuesday of each month at 11:00 am

Fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm

Beginners and those looking to learn always welcome!!!

Know someone who could use a Prayer Shawl or Prayer Square?

Please contact Karyn in the church office (440) 943-0382

or our Prayer Shawl contact people -Teri Lilley - Dale Kennelly or Judy Vogler

The Healing Shawl

I woke as the dark began to fade

A ray of light played on the shade.

I'm surrounded by a warm, soft glow

It is love... that I know.

It's not the love of my youthful days

But the love of a stranger far away. 

She knitted for me a healing shawl

And prays for strength if I should fall. 

These silky strands which embrace my soul

Surround me with love and make me whole. 

Below this warm fabric lay the depth of its meaning

Healing and love is what it is bringing. 

The love of strangers, family and friends, 

Nourish my body and urge it to mend. 

Marilyn Maxen and Carol Wertheimer (2004)