bible study opportunities

Immersion Bible Study

A casual and fun group that is always open to new faces! Currently the group is learning about the disciples as well as what they did after His life.  Also during Lent, you can journey into the letter of Colossians, connecting scripture to to where you are in your life, your struggles and your joys.  Join this group to claim, enter, and live God's story in your life. 

Saturday Morning

9:00 - 11:00am

Church Library

Contact Dolly Calabrese for more information

"Walking through the Bible"

Anytime! Short on time? Have an irregular work schedule? Trying to fit multiple priorities in the day? Start discovering the Scriptures by reading the "Walking Through the Bible" blog from Shoregate UMC. Provide your email and you can be signed up receive a weekly post designed to engage you for 20-30 minutes.  Each week will include a weekly scripture reading, reflection on the text, and follow up questions to help you understand and apply the Bible.  You are also invited to leave comments or additional questions to engage with others. 

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